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This Cone Carbide Nail Drill Bit features a tapered cone shape barrel that can be used for nail prep, shaping nails and the fast removal of product. The cone barrel shape allows for precise and targeted nail shaping, providing seamless control and reducing the risk of damaging the surrounding skin or cuticles. The exclusive design of the drill bit allows for smooth and quick removal of gel, without vibration or overheating.

Right-handed Nail Technicians Only 

Tungsten Carbide(can be disinfected and sterilized)

Medium Grit

Standard shank size 3/32" (fits all professional nail e-files)

RPM: from 5,000 to 35,000

  • This product is intended for use by professional nail technicians; beginners should use it with caution.
  • Wear safety glasses or other protective measures during use.
  • Avoid dropping the drill bit; if it is damaged, do not use it.
  • Ensure proper installation of the drill bit and set a reasonable speed.
  • Do not use on uncured or tacky gel polish.
  • If tacky gel causes the drill bit to get stuck, soak the drill bit in acetone to remove the residue (do not soak for too long).
  • Clean dust and properly disinfect the drill bit after use.
  • To ensure efficient and smooth use, replace the drill bit if it becomes dull.

NOTE: These drill bits tools are professional-grade and can cause injury if misused. All nail drill bits available on this website are high-quality manicure tools intended for use by trained manicurists. If you are not familiar with the proper use of nail drill bits, please seek professional training. We are not liable for any damage caused by individuals using these nail drill bits for machine manicures without proper training. By purchasing this nail drill bit, you acknowledge and understand the potential risks associated with using these tools.